Highest quality standards

From independent cinema all the way to major blockbusters, MPSLabo has the scale and experience to help create and deliver your content to audiences while maintaining the highest quality standards.

What is MPS Labo

MPSLabo is the new US-based joint venture of two of the world’s most innovative and reliable brands in cinema distribution, DCP mastering, key management, post-production and 35mm film services.

Labo Digital — one of LatAm and Mexico’s principal post-production, digital and film processing entities — and UK-based mastering and distribution powerhouse Motion Picture Solutions have each built unrivalled reputations over the past 12 years.

Major Studios, independent distributors, production companies and filmmakers rely on these trusted vendors to handle their content needs. MPSLabo now provides these same cost-effective solutions to a US-based and international clientele.


304 E Alameda Ave,
Burbank, California 91502

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