Trusted to deliver on an international scale

True end-to-end solutions

At MPSLabo, we’re happy to make you a single DCP if that’s all you need, but our mastering services go way beyond DCP creation. We specialise in high-quality, integrated GFX, QC and localisation services that provide true turn-key solutions for clients’ international releases.

Our team is regularly called on to create upward of 200 localized versions for individual releases — but whatever their scale, we pride ourselves on the quality of our output, our speed of turnaround and our “can-do” approach to all our clients’ projects.

Industry-leading solutions

We employ the latest technology when creating our fully DCI-compliant DCPs, with both the latest SMPTE and traditional Interop DCP standards supported. We can work from a full range of source materials and always ensure all DCPs are checked in our extensive QC facilities.

As innovation drives the industry forward, MPSLabo is at the forefront — we have the capability to create the latest downstream deliverables from theatrical masters, meaning an efficient workflow for our clients’ content whether it’s release is in theater or other digital VOD/OTT platforms.

Support for the latest workflows

Whatever your mastering requirements, we can help — our mastering work on titles encompasses subbed, dubbed and 2D/3D versioning, including the industry’s latest HDR and HFR formats. Our audio work includes, among others, 5.1, 7.1, D-Box, Dolby Atmos, Barco Auro and DTS:X versions, all encoded on the latest industry standard equipment.