Post Production

MPSLabo can help bring your film to life

Efficient, experienced support

From digital dailies to deliverables, MPSLabo has the experience to provide you with the on-set and post-production services that create a finished film.

Whether it’s color correction, audio mixing or localization, our efficient data-management brings greater control to all post-production workflows, thus saving time and money, all while maintaining the highest quality.

Services to suit your scale

MPSLabo can provide customized workflows and services to productions of all sizes, across a wide range of geographical locations.

Our services encompass a broad range of requirements, including color management, audio mixing, dubbing, localizing, graphics creation and animation.

We pride ourselves on our technical ability using the most up-to-date tools, so naturally our work supports the very latest industry standards, including 2k, 4K and HDR workflows.